AMD 2016

GIScience 2016 Workshop on

Analysis of Movement Data (AMD’16)

27 September 2016, Montreal, Canada

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Workshop Overview

Scope. The past 10-15 years have seen a dramatic improvement of positioning technologies, which led to massive volumes of tracking data about virtually any object that moves, in a multitude of application domains. Consequently, many new methods for these data have been developed, and computational movement analysis has evolved as an important stream of research in GIScience. However, many challenges remain, such as integration of trajectories with space-time environmental data, multi-sensor data integration, scale-adaptive analysis, integration of analytical and visual methods, modeling and simulation of movement, passing from individual to collective movement, or linking patterns back to behavioral events and processes.

Objectives. This workshop pursues two objectives. First, to provide a platform to discuss recent trends, and review the current state of the art in this domain. And second, to identify the key challenges for future research and (re-)define the research agenda. These objectives will be pursued using a mix of short presentations, a panel discussion, and break-out and plenary sessions.

Workshop Themes

We invite submissions that describe recent research that fits the general theme of computational movement analysis, including, but not limited to, the following topics:

  • Definition and detection of patterns in individual and collective movement
  • Making movement analysis context-aware, considering the static and dynamic environment
  • From individuals to collectives: Modeling and analyzing interactions between individuals
  • Cross-scale movement analysis and classification
  • Integrating different sensors (e.g. different positioning sensors and accelerometer)
  • From analysis to modeling: Simulation of movement
  • From patterns to processes: Bridging the semantic gap
  • Multi-sensor movement analysis
  • Real-world applications for movement analysis

Workshop Organizers