AMD’18 Program

GIScience 2018 Workshop on

Analysis of Movement Data (AMD’18)

28 August 2018, Melbourne, Australia


  • Somayeh Dodge, University of Minnesota
  • Song Gao, University of Wisconsin Madison
  • Martin Tomko, University of Melbourne
  • Rob Weibel, University of Zurich

Slot length

20 minutes + 5 minutes discussion.

Workshop Schedule – Room:  Conference Room 2 [B016.07.008]


Registration – B16 Storey Hall


Opening / Acknowledgment of Country

Chair: Martin Tomko


S1 – Movement modelling (Paper Session)

Chair: Martin Tomko
09:00-09:25 Predicting trajectories with probabilistic time geography and massive unconstrained movement data by Anita Graser, Johanna Schmidt and Peter Widhalm.
09:25-09:50 The Start-Stop Diagram as a Tool for Continuous Trajectory Simplification by Mees van de Kerkhof, Marc van Kreveld, Maarten Löffler and Irina Kostitsyna
09:50-10:15 Visualising seasonal space-time data of individual animals through an adaptively ordered space-time matrix by Judith Rodda and Tony Moore
10:15-10:45 Coffee Break


S2 – Relative motion pattern analysis

(Paper Session)

Chair: Patrick Laube
10:45-11:10 Absolute and Relative Movement Characterization: A Conceptual Movement Analysis Framework by Saeed Rahimi, Antoni B. Moore and Peter A. Whigham
11:10-11:35 A hybrid point-path approach for investigating interactions between pairs of moving objects by Jennifer Miller
11:35-12:00 Recognizing Movement Patterns in Automatically Identified Tactical Situations of a Football Match by Udo Feuerhake
12:00-12:25 Proposal for capturing, quantifying and relating motion and movement based collective animal behavior to dynamic environmental variables: the case of reindeer and wind turbine operations by Gyözö Gidofalvi
12:25-13:30 Lunch Break – Lunch is catered for workshop attendees


S3 – Movement analytics

(Paper Session)

Chair: Jennifer Miller
13:30-13:55 A Novel Method for Activity Place Sensing Based on Behavior Pattern Mining Using Crowdsourcing Trajectory Data by Wei Yang, Tinghua Ai, Wei Lu and Tong Zhang
13:55-14:20 A Big Spatiotemporal Analytics Engine for Air Traffic Movement data by Shaohua Wang, Zhong Ershun, Hao Lu, Weiying Yun and Wenwen Cai
14:20-14:45 Comparative mining and clustering of temporal route visit profiles by Can Yang and Gyözö Gidófalvi
14:45-15:15 Coffee Break



AMD – from theory driven analysis to data supported theories

Chair: Martin Tomko


Closing Remarks

Chair: Martin Tomko
18:00-???? Opening Panel of GIScience and later Ice Breaker

We acknowledge the Wurundjeri people who are the Traditional Custodians of the Land where this workshop takes place. We would like to pay respect to the Elders both past and present of the Kulin Nation and extend that respect to other Indigenous Australians present.