Accepted Papers

We are please to announce the list of accepted papers to be presented at the GIScience AMD 2018 workshop:

  • Predicting trajectories with probabilistic time geography and massive unconstrained movement data by Anita Graser, Johanna Schmidt and Peter Widhalm.
  • A hybrid point-path approach for investigating interactions between pairs of moving objects by Jennifer Miller
  • The Start-Stop Diagram as a Tool for Continuous Trajectory Simplification by Mees van de Kerkhof, Marc van Kreveld, Maarten Löffler and Irina Kostitsyna
  • Absolute and Relative Movement Characterization: A Conceptual Movement Analysis Framework by Saeed Rahimi, Antoni B. Moore and Peter A. Whigham
  • Recognizing Movement Patterns in Automatically Identified Tactical Situations of a Football Match by Udo Feuerhake
  • A Novel Method for Activity Place Sensing Based on Behavior Pattern Mining Using Crowdsourcing Trajectory Data by Wei Yang, Tinghua Ai, Wei Lu and Tong Zhang
  • Comparative mining and clustering of temporal route visit profiles by Can Yang and Gyözö Gidófalvi
  • Contextual Flock Movement Analysis by Gyözö Gidofalvi
  • A Big Spatiotemporal Analytics Engine for Air Traffic Movement data by Shaohua Wang, Zhong Ershun, Hao Lu, Weiying Yun and Wenwen Cai
  • Visualising seasonal space-time data of individual animals through an adaptively ordered space-time matrix by Judith Rodda and Tony Moore